Ashtarak bridge over the Kasakh river gorge

In 1994 the first part of the bridge was put into operation, and the second part was put into operation in 2003.Length of the bridge – 368m, width- 26m (1,5+2x11,5+1,5): The bridge comprises 6x24m long left-bank viaduct and metallic span construction (63+84+63m). Height above the water level of the river Kasakh -58m Traffic part of the metallic span construction is carried out by the orthotropic slab of steel. The high piers are assembled from box-like, reinforced concrete 5x3,8x1,2m and 0,35m thick blocks that are made from B40 class concrete. After construction the piers were prebiminary strained with steel high-strength reinforcing ropes. Viaduct's reinforced concrete pillars are built with hollow piles. Prеcast concrete –1415m3 Monolithic concrete – 8200m3 Metal constructions- 2500tn Traffic part area-9620m2

Prеcast concrete


Monolithic concrete


Metal constructions


Traffic part area