Stepanavan bridge over the Dzoraget river gorge

In 1989 the bridge was put into operation. Length of the bridge -237m, width-23m (2.0+19.0+2.0). The bridge comprises 189m long metallic span construction (3x63m), as well 1x18m long left-bank and 1x18m long right -bank viaducts. Height above the water level of the river Dzoraget is 58m. Steel super-structures deck implemented from the precast r/concrete slabs. The high piers are assembled from box-like reinforced concrete 5.0x3.8x1.2m and 0.35m thick blocks that are made from B40 class concrete. The high piers were preliminary straimed with steel high -strengh reinforsing ropes. Precast concrete-1870m3 Monolithic concrete-4560m3 Metallic constructions- 1210tn Traffic part area-5460m2

Precast concrete


Monolithic concrete


Metallic constructions


Traffic part area